The Goldador, also commonly referred to as Golden Labradors, is a hybrid of purebred Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Often used a bomb-sniffing dog, the Goldador is a great family pet that everyone should own as a superb hunting buddy. This breed is known for its educability and eagerness to please the master. As such, it will take less time and much ease to train this friendly pet.

An intelligent and social pet

This dog is the first choice for a wide range of families as it is highly adaptable to both large and small families. The canine will be always at your side whether you are playing, relaxing, walking. Introduced as a designer dog about ten years ago, it was specifically bred for the purpose of creating a tolerant and sensitive active dog. The experiment was a resounding success and the canine is widely used for search and rescue, bomb sniffing, and therapy. Although not as popular as other hybrid, it is only because it is not yet known to many people.

Diet and Care

Since the Goldador is an active dog, it will require a very healthy diet of top quality kibble. It consumes about 3.5 to 4.5 cups of commercial kibble in a day. The average Goldador weighs 60 to 80 pounds. Although it is a generally healthy pet, it may develop elbow and hip joint issues or eye problems. As such, you need to purchase your puppies from a reputable breeder. Before you buy, confirm that both parents have been tested of hip and elbow dysplasia. In the same vein, you should ask them to give you current eye examination reports to make sure that they are free of any complications.


The Goldador usually inherits the Labrador Retriever’s smooth and shorthaired double coat. It can be shades of gold or yellow, although it may also show some black or red coloring sometimes. The exact color will depend much on that of the parents. The coat is easy to groom by brushing once or two times every week.

Goldador Puppies Make Cheerful Company

The Goldador puppies are very playful and you should be careful if there are children around because they can be easily pushed over by them. Because the hybrid is very interactive and friendly, you should bring out these traits as early as possible by letting the pet meet new people and other animals right from a tender age.

Height:20-23 inchesWeight:60-80 pounds Lifespan:10-15 years Temperament: Loving, loyal, intelligent, eager to pleaseFun Fact: Never comfortable if not beside you!