German Wirehaired Pointer


The German Wirehaired Pointer is a medium to large-sized griffon variety breed of canine developed for hunting in the 19th century in Germany. In the later part of the 20th century it became a leading gun dog in Germany. It’s the result of the cautious mixing of the hunting Pudelpointer, Deutscher Stichelhaar and the Deutscher Kurzharr in the late 19th century. This breeds roots trace their origins back to 1880. They originated in Germany, where breeders desired to create a tough, flexible hunting dog that might operate directly with just one individual or possibly a small group of people hunting by foot in diverse terrain; from the mountainous parts of the Alps, to thick forests, to more open areas with small towns and farms.

Physical Appearance

The German Wirehaired pointer is a muscular, medium to large-sized animal with a distinct appearance. This animal is very sturdily built and is balanced in size. Two of its most distinguishing features include its facial furnishings, and its wire-like, weather resistant coat. Generally this dog is of a pointer character in style. He is energetic, intelligent, and a determined hunter. Typically the tail of this dog is docked to two-fifths of its natural length. This dog also has webbed feet for swimming, like all German Pointers do. This breed’s most characteristic feature is its wiry coat. Its coat is weather resistant and to some extent is even water-repellent. This dog has two coats. The undercoat is dense is in the winter so it can insulate the dog against the cold, but is almost invisible during the summer. Its distinctive outer coat is 1-2 inches in length, lies flat, and is straight, harsh, and wiry. It should also be long enough to be able to protect the animal against the punishment of rough cover, however it should not be so long that it hides the dogs outline. The breeds coat colors are, solid liver, black and/or white ticked, liver and white ticked. Any black that is seen within the coat is severely penalized in the US however. The dogs gait should be moderately elevated. His movement should be smooth, and free and have good reach in his forquarters, with good driving force in the rear. His topline should always remain firm.


The German Wirehaired pointers personality characteristics include extreme determination, very active, intelligent, lively and affectionate. As this breed is eager to learn, and is loyal to its family, it needs a handler is who is consistent in their approach. The German Wirehaired are a vigorous type and enjoy working for their families, and they like to be occupied. They are friendly to those they are familiar with however, they are weary of strangers. For this they should be socialized at an early age. As this is an active dog, they do not do well in kenneled environments. They are the happiest and most well behaved when they belong to a family and get the opportunity to spend time with them. This breed is inquisitive and likes to roam and can be willful at times. Without adequate amounts of exercise the breed can easily become bored. This is a well-rounded dog in that is a good all-around gun dog, and are able to hunt any type of game on any type of terrain. This dog has an excellent sense of smell and can track, point, and fetch on both land and water. As this breed is loyal and faithful, it thrives on human companionship and they have the correct temperament to live with children of all ages.


This breed is fairly healthy but is susceptible to Von Willebrands disease type 2, hip dysplasia, and heart disease

German Wirehaired Pointer