The Foxker’s country of origin remains mainly shrouded in mystery. The Foxker is a cross between the Toy Fox Terrier and the Cocker Spaniel -Cocker Spaniel + Toy Fox Terrier = Foxker . Even though much about the dog is not known, one can study the attributes of the two parent breeds and expect the Foxker puppy to have the key attributes of its ancestors.

Physical Description

Foxkers may have a wide range of colors that include brown, buff, black, parti color, or a tricolor coat. The average Foxker grows to a height of 10-25 inches and weighs 13 to 22 pounds. The designer dog has a wavy fur of medium length. The curvy hair gives the cute canine the charming appearance of a real fox.


The Foxker is a very loving and gentle pet unless provoked. They get along well with other dogs and older children. Since the hybrid is noted for its intelligence, it is easy to train as you do not need to keep repeating any simple instructions. However, the Foxker should be socialized with other animals and kids from a tender age for it to be agreeable enough to both. Never let young kids interact with the pet without an adult’s supervision.


A fairly active dog, this dog should be kept in the yard where it can freely walk and run about. Never subject your Foxker to an apartment life as this might render the canine stressed up and hostile as a result. Because they have a medium-length curly fur, the coat should be brushed and washed occasionally. It is not really known whether the hybrid has any unique health challenges but genetics suggest that it may be predisposed to the diseases that affect its two parents. The average Foxker lives for about 12 to 15 years.

Origin: Unknown
Size: Medium
Hair Length: Medium
Temperament: Friendly/Intelligent/Loyal

Fun fact: Just like the name suggests, the Foxker looks like a young fox
Kid Friendly: No
Allergy Friendly: Yes