Fourche Terrier

Fourche Terrier is a small cross breed between a West Highland White Terrier with Yorkshire Terrier. This breed is affectionate, loving, independent, cheerful, loyal, stubborn, social and protective. Black, brindle, and black and tan are the most common colors of this breed. Generally, Fourche Terrier participates in guarding and agility. These are intelligent and family oriented dogs. They are good with children and adults alike. The size of them is small, so they are perfect for indoors. Unlike other small dog breeds, Fourche Terrier does not bark frequently.

Fourche Terrier is a playful and energetic dog, so it is perfect for going for short jogs or playing fetch. They have lots of energy, so they need moderate daily exercises, which is essential for preventing them from becoming hyperactive.


Fourche Terrier does not have official history because it is hybrid dog breed. The birth date of this breed in unknown, but it is assumed that the breed originated between 1980’s-2000’s. During this period, crossbred dogs became very popular. Fourche Terrier is a small sturdy dog with dense coat. The coat this dog resembles the coat of a sheepdog if it left unclipped. Though it comes in several color variations, the hallmark of this breed is white patches on beard, chest and toes.


Fourche Terrier can be trained very easily because this is a clever dog. It always loves to make his owner happy and he loves his food. These dogs respond well to treats as reward and motivation. They can be trained quicker than many other dogs. They need less repetition, but harsh training methods should be avoided. But can be firm, but positive. These dogs require early socialization and training.


Fourche Terrier requires moderate grooming. This dog is hypoallergenic and it do not shed much. So, it requires very less work keeping up with hair. But, the thick coat of this dog needs lots of care to keep it from tangling. There can be lots of debris in it, so they need daily brushing. Teeth should be brushed at least 3 times a week and ears should be wiped once a week. This dog needs a bath only when he gets really dirty.


Fourche Terrier is prone to some health problems such as lung problems, LCP, craniomandibular osteopathy, hypogycemia, eye problems, patellar luxation, and PSS. In order to avoid these health problems, you must purchase this breed from reputable breeders. The average cost of a Fourche Terrier puppy is $500-$1200. But, the price depends on the place you live, breeder and general health of the puppy.

Size: 9-11 inches height and 12-15 pounds weight

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Temperament: Independent, lovely, inquisitive and intelligent

Fourche Terrier