The Foodle is a cross between the Fox Terrier and the Poodle. The Fox Terrier was bred in Great Britain during the 19th century to help assist fox hunters. The Poodle originated from parts of Germany and France during the 16th century. Both were immigrated to the United States during the early 20th century; dog breeders soon began to breed the two species together in order to create the perfect companion for the entire family. 


The Foodle usually shows off a curly black or white coat, with a narrow muzzle and and floppy ears. They have rather tiny paws and a curled tail, and have beady, dark eyes. They are toy dogs, weighing 9-13 lbs and stand short at 10-12 inches.


The Foodle is tends to be a rather gentle and sweet dog, but it can be a little aggressive at times. It is not compatible with children or other dogs. It is extremely important that it is properly trained and socialized before it can be adopted by a human. Otherwise, it will declare itself the head of the household and attempt to control their owners. But, when trained, it is very active and playful.


The Foodle is a robust and agile breed. However, they are sensitive to cold weather and are prone to Luxating Patella. Be sure to make regular check ups to your local veterinarian and to examine your Foodle’s knees for LP. Be sure to maintain proper hygiene (brushing of the teeth and coat, regular baths, cleaning of the ears, trimming of the nails, etc.) and to take it on daily walks to keep it exercised. Your Foodle will be mentally and physically stimulated by the exercise, and thus keeping your Foodle happy and healthy.