English Toy Griffon


The English Toy Griffon is an amusing dog that is a hybrid between the Brussels Griffon and the English Toy Spaniel. Brussels Griffon + English Toy Spaniel = English Toy Griffon. This type of dog originated in Belgium. The English Toy Griffon has a life expectancy of twelve to fourteen years. This dog was bred to hunt vermin, and has a very active and bright personality.

Physical Description

This dog is typically very small! They will only grow to be about seven to eight inches tall and weigh about six to twelve pounds fully ground. This dog comes in a variety of colors, from solid black to black and tan and red and red and black-brown. This dog is very sturdy and it makes up in its size with tons of personality. Its rough hair means that it will need to be groomed regularly, but the hair is short and glossy and straight, which makes it a decent dog for those with allergies.


The English Toy Griffon has a surprisingly complex personality. This type of dog will be at times sweet, happy and cheerful, and other times it will be stubborn, willful, self important and needy. It’s a very sensitive dog that will be very affectionate if you give them attention. It’s also an intelligent and curious dog. They’ll also get along with other pets well. The impertinence of this dog will either be amusing or annoying to you, so be sure you can handle this type of dog before buying one! They could be a great joy or simply not the right dog for you– know yourself before you buy!


This dog should be protected from extreme cold or heat and needs to be groomed regularly.

English Toy Griffon