English Bull-Walker

The English Bull-Walker is a hybrid of the Bulldog and the Treeing Walker. Bulldog + Treeing Walker = English Bull-Walker. They make a good pet for a variety of people. They will grow to be about fifty to seventy pounds and about 15 to 25 inches. They require a bit of training in order to be the best dog they can be! Treeing Walkers are a type of hound descended from the English and American foxhound and are known for their hunting abilities and endurance. The combination of the extroverted, strong Bulldog and the energetic Treeing Walker make the English Bull-Walker a very interesting designer dog to own indeed.

Physical Description

English Bull-Walkers are fairly large, clocking in at 15 to 25 inches. They have a smooth, short coat and come in fawn, brindle, tricolor, and red. They have large heads and sturdy legs, with a round chest similar to that of the bulldog.


English Bull-Walkers do not like to be around dogs of the same sex, but they do very well with other pets when they are raised together. These dogs also take really well to children. They are strong dogs who are independent but also confident, social, and loving. They often will have similar personalities to bulldogs. They will also require training and a strong pack leader in their human.


Some of these English Bull-Walkers may be prone to skin allergies. These dogs live twelve to fourteen years. English Bull-Walkers need plenty of exercise and should be taken for walks and outside to play on a regular basis in order to be their healthiest. Their coat needs very little care but this dog really likes to play and go outdoors, so take them on walks and outings whenever possible.

English Bull-Walker