Doxie Scot

Doxie Scot is a hybrid dog which traces its origin to a cross breed between Scottish Terrier and Dashunds. Being a cross breed of these two purebreds the Doxie Scot dog tends to portray looks and behaviors similar to those two breeds. This cute little dog makes an excellent companion for both adults and even the old kids. With some training, these dogs are also known to make great friends with little kids. This dog will be jubilant to take a walk with you in the park as they are known to be very fun loving of both indoor and outdoor activities.

Physical Description

The Doxie Scot dog is found in various types of coats. Others will have a rough and wiry coat while in others you will get a fine smooth coat which is very warm to caress. Their coats are also found in numerous colors. Among the most colors that you will find include; brown, black, tan and black, and white and red. Doxie Scot dogs usually weigh approximately 10 to 23 lbs. Their heights are normally at 10 to 18 in. with such a healthy weight, you are therefore able to take loving care of the dog as you can carry it with you and even bring it in the bed with you.


The Doxie Scot dogs are calm and very loving dogs. These dogs do not have the tendency of barking carelessly. They only bark during play time when they are playing with someone they know. In case a stranger comes close to them this dog will also bark to alert you. When they are young, the Doxie Scot will is known to be very curious, a bit daring and enjoys chewing so much. To make this dog a better companion, you will need to familiarize with them since birth. After that, you can rely on them to remain very loyal to you and will also tend to be protective of you as its owner.


Doxie Scot dogs are not susceptible to many diseases. As long as you keep them safe and give them the right diet then you can always be sure that they will remain healthy. Their coat usually requires trimming at least twice every year. To keep them cute and lovable, you should always brush their coats.

Doxie Scot