Doodleman Pinscher


As a cross between the Doberman Pinscher and the Standard Poodle, Doodleman Pinscher is one of the largest of the cross breeds. This hybrid dog has characteristic features of both the parent breeds. Their coat is distinctively luxurious with long or short hair. Some of its characteristic features include racing, herding, sighting and watching. Doodleman Pinscher is loving and caring, and make a great companion dog. An ideal pet for those who suffer from allergies.

Physical Appearance:

They can be either large or small in size depending upon their parent breed. If a standard poodle is mix with standard Doberman Pinscher, the hybrid will be large. However, the cross-bred developed between miniature pinscher and smaller poodle will be small and cute. He is a well-built, muscular and strong dog weighing 66 to 88 pounds. His ears are floppy like Poodle with a long head and neck. He has a medium length luxurious coat, which can be straight or curly. He can have red, black, brown or tan body. This well-proportionate dog has almond shaped brown eyes that reflect intelligence.


Typically a pleasant natured and affectionate breed, Doodleman Pinscher is good with kids and elderly people. They also get along with other pets and non canine animals. They are not aggressive with strangers. The pet may show occasional signs of stubbornness. Bold and agile, this breed is very protective of its owner. They are very intelligent dogs and can be trained easily. However, make sure you establish yourself firmly. They require lot of physical activity to stay happy and healthy.


This is a healthy hybrid breed; however they may suffer from hereditary conditions such as epilepsy, Von Willebrand’s Disease, narcolepsy, heart problems, respiratory ailments and hip dysplasia.

Doodleman Pinscher