The Dameranian is a mix between the Daschund and Pomeranian, creating a very beautiful and loyal dog. The friendliness and affectionate side of the Pomeranian combines perfectly with the Daschund, a loyal and protective breed.

Physical appearance

Dameranians are a build quite similar to the Daschund; long and thick, typically with shorter legs. They can have black, black and tan, blue, brown, gray, or white coats, with long and thick hair that sheds constantly. They have a smallish face and a long snout, with large ears that stick up on their heads. Dameranians are medium-sized dogs with a minimum height of 15 inches and a maximum height of 30 inches. They can be anywhere from 15 – 30 pounds.


Dameranians are very docile and sweet, bonding with owners over time. They learn very quickly and are quite easy to train. They are aware of time and are able to memorize various schedules and times of the day. They are great family pets and are not nippy at all. Dameranians, because of their Daschund blood, are great watchdogs and will alert its owners if there is an intruder present. They are quite easy to train, however, patience is important because results will be quite gradual. Dameranians are not as active as some other dog breeds and do not require as much exercise. They are very solitary dogs and are suitable for an owner who is frequently away or busy.


Dameranians can reach 12 – 16 years old depending on their health. Compared to most medium-sized dogs, they have a longer life expectancy. For coat health, they will require moderate maintenance. Dameranians are very healthy dogs and do not have any severe health risks. Owners should look out for allergies, Hemi-vertebrae, Hip Dysplasia, and Patellar Luxation.