The Dalmadoodle is a hybrid cross of a Dalmatian and a Poodle. The Dalmadoodle is considered a designer or hybrid breed developed by breeding the two types together. Though the breed is supposed to be a 50/50 mix, many Dalmadoodles bred over many generations may be lesser or more of one breed. Dalmadoodles are a very attractive dog while also being very gentle, playful and fun to have around but wouldn’t serve well as a guard dog.


As the Dalmadoodle is 50% Dalmatian, the breed goes back many centuries. Despite previous belief, no evidence exists confirming that the breed originated in Dalmatia. Nomadic groups traveled with spotted dogs across Africa, Asia, and Europe. The Dalmatian of today actually was developed in England after which in 1888 the American Kennel Club recognized the Dalmatian into the non-sporting group as a member. .

Physical Appearance

As Dalmatians are spotted in black and white color, so is the Dalmadoodle mostly. Some of the physical characteristics of a Dalmatian parent may also pass down also include a large and athletic body 20-22 inches in height as well as the long tails and downward hanging ears. Generally the physical size of the Dalmadoodle is in-between the smaller size of the poodle and the larger size of the Dalmatian, leaning in most cases more towards the smaller of the two. The Dalmadoodle usually inherits the fluffy coat of the poodle and the spotted coloring of the Dalmatian which makes it an even more unique animal dog breed.


Poodles and Dalmatians alike are gentle animals and not of the aggressive type. Thus the Dalmadoodle is also a very gently animal while also playful and friendly. Kids are safe whenever there is a Dalmadoodle around, in fact, many may actually be quite entertained by the presence of a Dalmadoodle as will the dog be happy interacting back with the children.


The Dalmadoodle is a dog that will remain healthy if you take good care of it, making sure to keep the animal clean and well fed by a proper diet will ensure that some of the potential health problems will not occur. More common health problems experienced by Dalmatians are urinary bladder stones and deafness that sometimes can be hereditary. Dalmatians have also been known to suffer commonly from other heath conditions such laryngeal paralysis and skin allergies. The lifespan of a Dalmatian on average is between 10 and 13 years as is the case with Dalmadoodles.