Coton Poo

Flickr: Ivan & Irena Chen


Also known as Coton Poo, Poo-Ton is developed by mixing half Poodle and half Coton de Tulear breeds. They are energetic and friendly designer dogs, and have the best of their parent breeds. As they are hypoallergenic in nature, they make an excellent choice for those who have allergy problems.

Physical Appearance:

Poo Ton has a stout and compact built with lively expression. This small-sized dog has a round head with well set eyes. The floppy ears and short muzzle give it a resemblance to Coton de Tulear. They have Coton de Tulear like hair which is medium to long in length. Their long and light-colored coat require daily brushing to keep it neat and healthy. Their coat can be fluffy or curly. They come in a mix of all colors of the Poodle and Coton de Tulear breeds. Unlike other breeds, they need proper grooming with regular brushing, nail clipping and bathing. They require moderate activity, and best suitable for small aparments.


The Poo Tons are human-oriented companion dogs. Because of their loyal and loving nature, its good to have them around kids. Their sweet, adaptable temperament easily gets adapted to any lifestyle. As they are smart and intelligent, they are easy to train. They learn the tricks quite fast, and know how to please and humor their master. Just like other small dogs, they can also develop Small Dog Syndrome. Therefore, as an owner, you need to show your calm, assertive nature right from the beginning. If trained well and fed well, they are wonderful family pets. Loving and sociable, Poo Tons prove to be their delightful selves.


Their life expectancy is 12 to 15 years. They are not prone to any major illnesses, except the regular ones including respiratory and skin conditions.

Coton Poo