Corman Shepherd

For dog lovers and pet enthusiasts, the Corman Shepherd is one of the must have dog breeds. A cross breed of German shepherd and Corgi breeds, this dog breed, tends to take up some of its parents’ good and bad traits. The main idea behind the development of this breed was so as to create a breed with unprecedented pace, energy, power, a blend of German Shepherd colors, and overall cute pet.


The general look of the Corman Shepherd breed closely resembles that of the German Shepherd breed. It (Corman Shepherd) is a relatively small size dog standing at a height of 12-15 inches and averagely weighs 20-70 pounds. The dogs are very friendly and as such, they preferred by most people as companion pets as compared to other dog breeds. Corman dogs are famous for their hunting instincts as well as for other outdoor games.

Corman Shepherds pride themselves in having innate intelligence passed down from their parents. This intelligence makes them very easy to train and adapt to new environments. The best thing about this breed is that it quickly learns new tricks within very short time durations. However, unlike other dog breeds; the Cormans need a gently firm and exceptionally intelligent pack leader. To keep the dogs healthy and fit, they require taking regular exercises and workouts to drain their excessive energy.

Important facts

Like other dog breeds, the Corman Shepherd breed requires proper socialization and positive training at an early age. This goes a long way in defining the dog’s temperament and overall attitude to people and other animals. Contrary to the opinion of many people, Cormans may become aggressive and willful if not trained and socialized early in their life despite being mostly considered friendly. Although these dogs can be particularly friendly to kids, it is important to teach kids how to handle and interact with the dogs. This is because of the reason that the dogs may become overly aggressive if mishandled. In addition to this, the dogs need to be trained watchfully and consistently to prevent them from developing behavioral disorders.


Corman Shepherd dogs may inherit hereditary diseases and infections from their parents. Due to this, you should only purchase hybrid puppies from licensed breeders who vaccinate the puppies against hereditary diseases and other genetic conditions that may be passed from their parents. You should get a health clearance certificate once you purchase a hybrid puppy.

Quick facts

Corman Shepherd dogs are small sized pets with a height of 12-15 inches. The dogs have a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. However, some select dogs in this breed live beyond 15 years especially if they live a disease-free lifetime and are taken care of accordingly. Cormans are very friendly and have a sweet, obedient, and pleasing temperament. One sad fact about these dogs is that they are very susceptible to back pains due to their long backs and as such, you should avoid putting much pressure on the dogs’ backs.

Corman Shepherd