The Corkie is a mix between the Cocker Spaniel and Yorkie. The Cocker Spaniel is known for its friendly and loyal personality, while the Yorkie is known mostly for its fun energy and excitement. Blend these together and you get the Corkie. Since the Yorkie is a dog that can sometimes be nippy and aggressive, and needs proper socialization, Yorkies also have a chance of becoming timid or aggressive.

Physical appearance

Corkies can retain either the solid coloring from their Cocker Spaniel parent, or a black and tan mixed pattern that makes up the Yorkie. Corkies have a very silky coat and the hair is generally quite short. While some Yorkies and Spaniels are prone to tangling, this is not so common with Corkies. Corkies are quite small, with much of the breed toy-sized at only 8 pounds. However, some Corkies can become more athletic and reach a weight of 20 pounds.


Corkies are very friendly, affectionate, and alert. They need socialization in order to behave properly and avoid becoming aggressive or timid. If they are not socialized properly, they can become aggressive towards children and other dogs. Corkies are happy with apartment living, however, they need lots of attention in order to be happy.


Corkies need frequent grooming – at least once every month, or, if you can, once every two weeks. Corkies are very healthy dogs that can reach a maximum age of 15 years and a minimum age of 12. They do not have any severe health risks but are prone to ear and eye infections because of the hair growth around these areas – they will need to be trimmed as soon as the hair starts getting too long.