Corgipoo is a cross breed between a poodle and a corgi. They can either be Cardigan Welsh or Pembroke corgis and toy or standard poodles. Corgipoo is one of the tricksters in dog world. The antics of this breed is simply adorable. There are lots of differences between both parents of Corgipoo. So, they come in different shape, size, leg length and weight.

Corgipoo is a designer dog because this is created from two established AKC recognized breeds. Though they are relatively new, they can be found easily for purchase because of their popularity.


These are high energy little dogs, so they require a protein rich diet. The meals of Corgipoo must be healthy, which is essential to avoid excessive weight gain.


Training of Corgipoo can be started at an early age, which is essential to get a well-behaved Corgipoo. They have high energy and are known as trouble makers. They can become destructive and incorrigible if they lack proper training. Around 10 week’s training is enough for making them a well-behaved dog. It is also important to provide them a structured schedule including training and exercise. They are extremely intelligent, so they can learn a great deal of commands during training. They also enjoy learning, so it is easy to keep them out of trouble. They can be trained to be a therapy/service dog, herd or sighting work. They are very common in military training because of high energy, small size and great sighting skills.


Predicting the weight of Corgipoo is very difficult because of the variance of this breed. Corgipoos can be bred from a toy poodle, a standard poodle or can be bred from two Corgipoos. Generally, they weigh between 12-40 pounds. But they can be larger or smaller.


Corgipoo has high energy and they are mischievous. But, they tend to go with everyone, including elders and kids. Generally, Corgipoos enjoy the company of human companions. They are also friendly with little creatures. However, socializing them at younger age is highly important to prevent any issues. Overall, they are loving little dogs. Though they are problematic, they can be controlled with right amount of exercise and training.

Common Health Problems

Generally, Corgipoo is free from many health problems because crossing the corgi and the poodle tends to alleviate lots of purebred problems. Back and joint problems are very common among Corgipoo because of their short statures. They can also prone to bloat, kidney disease and Addison’s disease. The risk can be reduced exponentially by combining the two breeds.