A Corgi-Dalmatian is probably one of the most popular mixed breed dog, combining a Dalmatian’s coat with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s small size and happy demeanor. Lovingly called a Corgimatian, this dog breed makes for a happy, adaptable, and even-tempered pet. Let’s learn some more about this adorable dog breed.


As mentioned above, this dog breed gained popularity on account of combing the best of a Dalmatian and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. So you will get a Dalmatian’s wonderful and lustrous coat with the trademark spots, on a dog that is the size of a Corgi. A Corgi-Dalmatian has stubby and strong legs, and a long body. This dog breed weighs between 35-50 lbs and grows up to 12 inches in terms of height.

In terms of their shape, Corgi-Dalmatians have a proportional, a slightly flat head, and upright ears. Their coat, like a Dalmatian, is short, shiny and smooth. While they do have a white coat with black spots, their appearance is not as stark and striking as it is on a normal, pure breed Dalmatian.


Corgi-Dalmatians are sweet natured dogs with a strong playful streak. This makes them extremely popular with the whole family and a wonderful companion. This is an intelligent dog breed with an even temperament making them ideal for families with kids. They are also full of energy and love to play with toys and people alike. While loving and affectionate, they also have a mischievous and stubborn side to them. To conclude, this is a happy dog breed, well suited for families and adapts well its surroundings.

Health and other requirements of a Corgi-Dalmatian

Corgi-Dalmatians are full of energy so owners will need to make sure they get their share of daily exercise. While you don’t need a yard to own this dog, it is essential that owners take this dog on a daily walk or a run, as well as provide him some play time.

This is an intelligent breed, and responds well to treats. This attributes make this breed quick and easy to train. However, Corgi-Dalmatians are also occasionally stubborn and mischievous so do not be surprised if they assert their own will every now and then.

Corgi-Dalmatians have moderate grooming requirements. They shed moderately. Make sure to brush them frequently so they appear tidy and bright. They will also require regular bathing and cleaning of their teeth.

In terms of health, there is a chance that this dog inherits a condition from its parent breeds. Typically, these dog have a moderate risk of suffering from allergies, deafness, and obesity. They love their food so owners should take care to feed them responsibly.

Dog attributes

1) Height: 10-12 inches
2) Weight: 35- 50 lbs
3) Temperament: Even
4) Lifespan: 12-15 years
Fun fact: Whether this breed is good with children depends on the dominant gene. If Dalmatians gene dominate, then it might not be instinctively good with kids although it can be trained.