The Cocker-Pei is a crossbreed of the Chinese Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel. This hybrid dog is medium in size and loves to be around people. The necessary care and nourishment this animal needs will prevent the potential health issues that could arise while the Cocker-Pei is suitable in basically any living conditions, even if in smaller housing units.


The Cocker-Pei is loving, sweet, intelligent, playful and protective but also sometimes can be stubborn. Generally a Cocker-Pei is very friendly as well as social while also being great with kids and an excellent family dog. Caring for the dog requires two meals per day in small size increments of puppy chow due to the small size of their teeth. Cocker-peis generally do not shed a lot however may do so in hot weather. The Cocker-Pei is pretty low maintenance as professional grooming is not necessary but their nails should be clipped on a regular basis. The Cocker-Pei is trained fairly easily particularly with the use of positive reinforcement rewards methods. The Cocker-Pei can sometimes be boisterous and noisy when they are unhappy. They may bark when people walk by your house and have a deep and loud bark relative to their size. This type of dog has lots of energy although their stamina is rather short. A townhouse or an apartment a Cocker-Pei would do well in as long as the animal gets enough exercise. Cocker-Peis make great companion dogs and love snuggling on your sofa as well as going on long walks with their owners. This type of dog needs companionship and are uncomfortable when left alone. Cocker-Peis do well in the company of another/other dogs.

Physical Appearance

The appearance of the Cocker-Pei is that of a stout yet strong animal that has a wrinkly face. The Cocker-Pei sometimes may have a black or pink colored nose while its eyes may be green. Its feet are large and webbed while the tail when long curls and always seems to be wagging. The coat of the Cocker-Pei is sometimes Red, chocolate, or fawn with markings ranging from darker down to white markings. The Coat is very soft, wavy and short while the fringes are feathery on the tail and legs. The dog weighs between 35 and 45 pounds, making it in relative terms a medium sized dog. It has very sharp baby teeth and a strong bite.


Cocker-Peis generally will remain healthy as long as they are cared for adequately. Season allergies may affect them, such as grass clippings in spring and summer. Food allergies can be prevented by feeding them high quality and natural foods. Cherry Eye is sometimes a concern that can require corrective surgery. A conditions similar to pink eye the Cocker Pei is also susceptible to and requires an ointment in correcting. Their ears should be cleaned once a week to prevent potential infections. The teeth of the Cocker-Pei must be cleaned frequently in order to prevent foul bad smelling breath.