The Cockapin is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and the Miniature Pinscher. The Cocker Spaniel is a small descendant of Spaniels with long ears, a square muzzle, and silky coat which has been exhibited in the US since the 1880s. The Miniature Pinscher was originally bred in Germany primarily for hunting vermin like rats where its fearless trait can be attributed.

Physical Description

The Cockapin attains a height of 10-15 inches and an average weight of 10-30 pounds. Their straight and smooth coat arrives in short to medium lengths with a smooth texture. The color is a mix of both parent appearances. Common colors include black, tan, red, brown, dark brown or chocolate, light brown or golden, brown and white, black and brown.


The Cockapin can have the temperament of either parent breed and is not completely possible to determine the pup’s personality. They are generally intelligent, friendly, loyal, loving, and affectionate dogs that are perfect as family pets. Cockapins get along well with little kids, though they may not like other dogs and must be socialized as early as puppy days. They do not like being left alone. They are mostly alert and possess a good watch dog ability. The Cockapin tends to be stubborn which entails its owner’s patience during training, but they are actually quite smart and can be easy to train once they respond.


Being a very active type of dog, the Cockapin requires a fair amount of play both indoors and outdoors. They need moderate exercise to stay healthy and happy, ideally in a fenced yard where the dog can freely move about. Mixed breeds are known to be healthier than purebred breeds.