The Chiranian is also known as Pomchi in some parts of the world. It is not a purebred dog, but a result of a cross breed between the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian dog breeds. The Chiranian takes its small size from these two breeds which possess are both small-sized dogs. This breed had a slow start initially but it is gaining more popularity as time goes by.

Physical Appearance

The Chiranian is generally a small dog and is often referred to as a toy dog. Its puppy has a weight of about 5-12 pounds and a height of only 5-9 inches. A mature Chiranian has a height of between 6-9 inches and a weight of about 2-10 pounds. It has a unique round head, large round dark eyes, medium sized erect ears and a muzzle that is wedge shaped. This amazing Dog has a curled tail and a very tender short sized coat. The Chiranian can possess a coat of many colors ranging from brown, gray, gray-blue, tan to tan.


The temperament of Chiranian breed mainly depends on the level of training and its age. For example, the puppies have proven to be very easy to train on temperament because they are keen as compared to when they get a little older. When they get accustomed to children and family members very early, they develop confidence and courage to become very protective watch dogs. They also get along very well with small pets such as cats if they are allowed to mingle in their early stages of life. The Chiranian is very energetic and loves to play with toys and little children whenever they meet. This breed is very loyal to the family members and it will always follow them everywhere they go. To ensure that the Chiranian breed becomes the best pet, the owner should give it maximum attention to its needs and essential requirements.

Lifespan and Health

The Chiranian breed can live up to a maximum of fifteen complete years under good care. With good care I mean brushing the coat daily and bathing it more often, constructing a small yard for the purposes of exercise as well as enough well balanced diet. Although there are currently no known specific diseases that affect Chiranian, the hybrid Chiranian is prone to genetic disorders that are associated to either of their parents. However, there is need to have this dog attend vet check ups and regular vaccinations to evade the preventable diseases.