The Chipin is a cross between the Miniature Pinscher and the Chihuahua purebreeds. The motive of this crossbreeding was to come up with a swift, agile, and fearless canine. The pup generated from this pair was designed to be a watch dog that has the energy and alertness of the parent breeds.

Physical Description

The Chipin comes in a range of colors that include tan and white, black and tan back, chocolate and tan, deep red, and cream. It is a generally small dog that is ideal for an apartment life. The average height of a Chipin is 8-12 inches at the shoulders. Depending on the stronger genes, the Chipin weighs between 5 and 18 pounds. It has a silky smooth coat that requires regular grooming.


This hybrid is quite stubborn and may therefore not be easy to train. As such, the owner must be firm and strict so as to adequately tame the pet and do way with the canine’s undesired traits. Since Chipins are fragile-bodied and capricious little pets, they are not supposed to interact with kids unsupervised. The pet may bark randomly without any reason and does not mingle well with other animals. To make them friendlier to kids and other animals, Chipins should be exercised frequently to release any pent up energy.


Since they have high energy levels, these dogs should be regularly exercised. Take them out on a long-to-medium distance walk every day. While Chipins are generally healthy dogs, they may be susceptible to some poor health characteristics inherited from their ancestors. These include the subluxating patella, kneecap dislocations, and poor dental health.