One of the rarest dog breeds, the Chion is a mixed dog breed. It was generated by crossbreeding the Papillon and the Chihuahua. Although Chions can have different attributes of their parents, there are some traits that you can be almost sure about. On the average, Chions are intelligent and charmingly affectionate. As you select a Chion, you should look for gum, eye, or joint problems.

Physical Description

The Chion is distinguishable by its butterfly (triangle-shaped) ears that should be brushed regularly to avoid matting. Longer than it is tall, its short legs can be used to identify it in a group of other hybrids or breeds of canines. A fully grown Chion weighs a maximum of seven pounds. The coat is characterized by long wiry hairs growing through many short ones.


The Chion has great prayerful personality and cherishes the owner’s company. However, Chions may we harder to train compared to other common dog types. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful children companion and your kids will find a sociable pal in a Chion. The companionable lap dog likes barking and will barky at the sight of a stranger or upon perceiving any external noise. The pet’s coat color may range anything between fawn and white with black markings.


While this rare breed is a generally healthy pet, it is imperative to keep on examining its eyes as they are highly susceptible to injuries. On the average, Chions have dental problems and you should keep an eye on their teeth right after acquiring your pup. Again, the hybrid has usually weak knees and you should always check for kneecap problems.