Chinese Frise


The Chinese Frise is a crossbreed between the Bichon Frise and the Chinese crested purebreds. Thus, Bichon Frise + Chinese Crested = Chinese Frise. The attributes of a Chinese fries can be predicted by undertaking a careful study of the attributes of its two ancestors. They are not an old introduction into the pet family and much about the hybrid remains largely unrecorded.

Physical Appearance

A comparative study of the parent purebreds shows that the Chinese Frise is a rather small dog with a somehow 50-50 appearance of its two parents. Usually, the face looks like that of Bichon Frise while the body resembles that of a Chinese Crested Frise. Their fine and dense coat is quite adorable, and comes in irregularly interspersed white and black colors.


The Chinese Frise is very good with kids and a confrontation between the two is very rare unless the pet is extremely provoked. This makes them one of the friendliest family pets. The hybrid is very alert and will be heard barking at the slightest hint of intrusion. Further, the dog is very cheerful and will greet you with much jubilation as you approach it from outside of the home. With high watchdog ability due to its high alertness, the Chinese Frise is widely domesticated for the purposes of guarding homes and property. Finally, the pets are easy to train since they do not have the willful or independent traits of some other canines.


First, you should expose your Chinese Frise to moderate exercise and walking everyday as they are quite active. Again, their coat requires regular grooming since it is thick and dense. In the same vein, this hybrid is hypoallergenic and should be kept in relatively healthy environments. Although most facts about diseases and control procedures are not much known, you should note that it may be prone to the health hazards that affect its ancestors. A vet should therefore check on them once in a while even when perfectly healthy.

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