The Chinaranian is not a pure breed but a mixture between the Pomeranian and the Chinese crested dogs. They are small dogs and known to have a good patient with kids. The Chinaranian are thought to have originated in the Far East but have become very common in the United States great companions. They are adorable and will always alert you in the case of strangers. The dog is a watcher and will bark whenever they see people they are not used to seeing. They are very obedient and will always play with you.

Physical Description

They are in the small dog category, and if you love small dogs, then you can be sure to have a lot of enjoyable moments with this one. They weight between 4-10 pounds making them very light o hold in your arms. They are the type of dogs you can carry when walking to your vehicle.
They do not stand more than 12 inches. The Chinaranian come in a variety of colors ranging from black, black & brown, dark brown/chocolate, white/cream, black & white all depending on the color of the parent breeds. Their coat is short and very fine.


The dogs are commonly called sweet and loving. They are ideal for families as they play well with the kid and other pets. They will spend most of their time with you showing gentleness and kindness. These are the type of dogs you can leave with your child, and no harm will happen to them.
You can brush their coat and offer some cold bath. There are the types of dogs good with every climate, and one should not be worried about them during the fall season.


The Chinaranian is not prone to diseases, but it is advised you maintain good hygienic standards offering them a bath now and again. They can get sick from the common dog diseases but nothing big to worry the owners.