Chin-Wa dogs also known as chi-chin is a cross between two purebreds; Chihuahua and the Japanese Chin. They are well known to be an intelligent and a pleasing breed that makes an excellent companion with families with old kids. They take most of their appearances from the Chihuahua breed named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. The Japanese Chin is an ancient Chinese origin sharing a close relationship with the Pekingese and kept as a gift to visiting nobility.

Physical Description

The Chin-Wa often takes the head appearances of Chihuahua, which is Apple-headed. They have large round eyes and a nose that closely resembles as the Japanese Chin. Their ears are pointed and long just like the Japanese chin. The most common colors of for Chin-Wa are light brown, red, white and black making. Sometimes you may notice the change in color as they grow old. For example, they color of a pup may be white but changes to brown or even red when they get old.


The Chin-Wa are very alert, playful, intelligent and very affectionate. If however they possess most of their temperament of the Chihuahua, they may not be too playful and may not accept other animals. They are gets along well with kids, but they may need supervision since they sometimes show stubborn behavior.


Although there may be no significant health problems with Chin-Wa, dental issues are always common for tiny dogs, so they may need veterinary attention at birthing. They are also prone to hydrocephalus just like their parent breed, but this is not very common.