The Cheeks is a cross between the Chihuahua and A Pekingese. Thus, Chihuahua + Pekingese = Cheeks. However, the breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. Nonetheless, the designer dog offsets the weaknesses of the parent breeds as they are a very vigorous hybrid.

Physical Description

The Cheeks is a toy hybrid canine whose colors include black and white, chocolate and light brown, white and brown, and sable. A mature Cheeks weighs from 6 to 9 pounds. It has straight fur and floppy ears. Further, the coat may be long or short, depending on the stronger genetic leanings of a particular pup.


Mostly bred as companion pets, these little canines do not require a lot of exercise. The dog likes being in the company of the owner nearly all the time. Vigorous and alert, the dog type is an excellent watchdog. With a healthy Cheeks, you are well certain that your house will never be broken into without your knowledge. Since the small creatures can be rather strong-willed and bossy, a lot of training is required. Nevertheless, they will master simple instructions with a few repetitions. Cheeks make good apartment dwellers and do not bark without a good reason.


Like many small dogs, Cheeks live up to their mid-teens. They may however suffer from hereditary diseases from either side of their ancestry. Again, the pets are prone to dental problems – a common health issue among most small hybrids. In rare cases, breathing problems may occur as the Cheeks ages. Finally, the pet’s delicate kneecaps may pop out of joint due to a slight mishap. Remember to consult a qualified vet as you notice signs of deteriorating health.