It’s official that dog aficionados love mixed-breed dogs. One designer dog they find endearing is the cute, small but active dog called the Cheagle.
The Cheagle is a cross between two popular breeds namely the Chihuahua and the Beagle. He has the Beagle’s floppy ears and markings and the body of a Chihuahua.

The Origin of the Cheagle

Being a hybrid, the Cheagle’s origins are tied to the origins of the parent breeds. One theory on the origin of the Chihuahua claims that Spanish traders brought the breed into Mexico from China. In Mexico, the dog was bred with native dogs. Another theory argues that the Chihuahua is a descendant of an ancient breed native to South and Central America. Whatever the origin, the modern Chihuahua is an alert, confident, brave but sensitive dog which makes a good watchdog.
The Beagle is thought to be a descendant of English scent hounds. The modern Beagle is a sweet, funny, gentle dog known for his speed.


The temperament of a designer hybrid dog depends on the parent breeds in the cross and whether the mixed breed is a purebred or a multi-generation cross.
A 50% purebred to 50% purebred Cheagle is often outgoing and excitable like the Chihuahua. He is also playful and loving like the Beagle. The Cheagle is also typically energetic, fearless, and friendly. However, the Cheagle do not get along well with small children. They can also become aggressive towards other dogs. The dog should be socialized early and handled by older children.

Recommended Diet

The Cheagle is a small dog with a fast metabolism. Therefore, the best food for the dog is dog food formulated for small active breeds.


Training a Cheagle can be a little tough at first. The trainer needs to be firm and consistent. Training and socialization should also start early. If you fail to socialize the dog at an early age, there is the risk that it may take up after the Chihuahua’s predisposition to become independent and aggressive towards other canines.


Exercise Requirements

Being an energetic and active breed, the Cheagle needs plenty of daily exercises. A minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise can help keep the dog’s energy under control and avert the development of problem behaviors.


Common Health Problems

The Cheagle’s major health concerns are patellar luxation and heart problems. Other health concerns include eye problems, hip dysplasia, and low blood sugar.
The Cheagle at a Glance
Height: 9-14 inches
Weight: 9-20 lbs.
Coat Type: Short, shiny and straight
Lifespan: 10-14 years.
Temperament: Energetic, friendly, fun-loving.
Comparable Breed: Beagle, Chihuahua.


Fun Facts about the Cheagle

  • The Cheagle is prone to snoring at night due to his small muzzle size.
  • The Cheagle’s average litter size is nine puppies.
  • The coat of the Cheagle can be almost any color.
  • Cheagles tend to have an overbite.
  • The Cheagle can jump very high.