Cairland Terrier


A cross between the Cairn Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier, Cairland Terrier is a small hybrid dog with its characteristic features derived from parent breeds. It is small sized dog like Cairn Terrier, while it has a profile that of West Highland White Terrier.

Physical Appearance

These are small sized dogs with perky ears. They have two coats- the outer top coat is harsh while the undercoat is soft and smooth. They are available in brown, gray, black, brindle, red and wheaten. Some of them may have patches of white all over the body. They have straight medium length fur coat. Their soft coat require regular brushing and grooming. They require moderate amount of exercise to stay active and healthy.


This is generally a laid-back breed who like to lie leisurely all day. They are also considered as a hardy breed. They are alert, fun loving and affectionate dogs, who can get along with kids, other family members and even new people. They are very intelligent dogs and often known as independent thinkers. They are less aggressive as compared to parent breeds. They are easy to train; however the owner needs to establish his superiority. This is because Cairland Terrier tends to be stubborn at times, and wants to be by its own. With a Cairland Terrier, you can just sit back and relax, watch a movie or read a book.


Cairland Terriers can survive well in every climate. It is a healthy breed that has an average life span of 12 to 15 years. If right nutrition and plenty of affection are provided, they can live up to 20 years.

Cairland Terrier