This large designer dog is a cross between a Collie and a Poodle. Collies have a warm personality and soft, luxurious coats while Poodles are smart, loyal, and have a coat that must be groomed regularly. They are robust and have great stamina which can allow them to function as work dogs, combined with their ability to be trained.


The history of the Cadoodle as a hybrid dog is vague at best, although it is safe to assume that it originated in the United States or the UK. While the combination of breeds does not go back very far, the Collie has been a popular favorite for ages and the Standard Poodle has been known as a fine, intelligent breed. Poodles have been used for many purposes as well as loved as pets since the 1700s. They were often used as bird hunting dogs and were even work dogs during World War II.

Physical Appearance

The normal coloration of this large dog is black, blue, and white. They do need regular grooming and they are likely to shed a great deal. One can reduce the amount of shedding with a routine of brushing or visits to the groomer. The fur will stay soft and manageable with proper care. There are some with more of the traits of a poodle, in which case grooming should include clipping to make sure that the fur does not tangle and matt.


Cadoodles comes from two friendly breeds and so they are usually very affectionate, loyal, and playful. This social dog is intelligent and can be trained to protect a family while maintaining a role as a loving family pet. They can even be trained to compete as they are both highly intelligent and agile. They receive commands well and tend to be obedient.

They are not usually big barkers and they don’t need a great deal of exercise. This is a great breed for a busy family since they are fairly low maintenance and they are usually good with kids.

Health Issues

As mentioned before, Cadoodles need proper grooming. This is not merely a matter of appearance, but it is important not to allow their fur to become matted as it can create problems for their skin.

They also can have problems with their hips as they age and proper diet & exercise should be adhered to so that the later years of life will be less complicated. While they don’t need the exercise that some large and highly energetic dogs need, they must have regular exercise to allow them to live to their expected lifespan between 12 and 15 years.