Bully Pit


A cross between the American Bulldog and the American Pit Bull, Bullypits are part of the terrier group; this type of dog may maintain several characteristics of this class, including the talents of agility, guarding, and tracking. They may also be quite obedient. Unlike the American Bully, this type of dog is not purebred in classification.

Physical Appearance

Bullypits vary widely in color; this type of dog can be black, tan, red, black and tan, brown, white, or yellow.  Its coat will be short, however, low, regular maintenance is required to keep this breed’s coat at its optimum health. Bullypits are a medium to large breed with a short, muscular frame; they can grow to be 25 inches tall and weigh up to 65 pounds.


Bullypits tend to be loving, affectionate, loyal, energetic, and very happy dogs. T will require exercise daily and will love to exercise with the owner. This type of dog enjoys being active, and requires daily exercise for its physical and mental well being. This breed enjoys spending time with its owner in such pursuits, is easily trained, and behaves well with children. Bullypits may be aggressive toward other animals, however, with proper training, the breed can learn to not be aggressive. This type of dog is also rather protective of things of import; this dog is one concerned with the well being of its home and family.


Health problems for the Bullypit will mostly be ones based upon the issues suffered by its parent breeds. American Bulldogs possess a history of hip and elbow dysplasia, kidney and thyroid problems, and a condition known as cheery eye. Pitbulls have a history of hip dysplasia, skin infections, knee problems, and allergies. For this breed, it is best to know the parents’ health history to be aware of what conditions the litter will be susceptible to. Bullypits can live for 13 or more years.

Bully Pit