Many people love Dalmatians but they aren’t quite ready to take on the issues of owning this large, energetic dog breed. Bullmatians combine the best of a Bulldog with the traits of a Dalmatian; resulting in a dog that is generally easy to get along with, fairly easy to handle and train, and absolutely stunning in appearance.


The English Bull Dog, has been loved for centuries. It is a robust and friendly animal that has been spotted throughout history. Because Bulldogs are kind and lovable, people are very attracted to them as pets. Dalmatians and their distinctive spots can be seen as far back as the paintings on tombs in ancient Egypt where they can be seen chasing chariots. It is obvious that they have been around for centuries. Dalmatians are known to be very high spirited and they need a great deal of stimulation and exercise. They are very intelligent and can also have minds of their own, which can make training difficult.

Physical Appearance

Bullmatians, are a bit difficult to predict as they can take different characteristics as well as disposition from either parent. They can have the robust frame of a bulldog with the gorgeous spots of a Dalmatian. Sometimes the dogs are born with mostly solid coloring and a few, darling spots here and there, but they usually have white coats with black spots. Their coat is usually smooth and they weigh between 25 and 65 pounds. Sometimes they have a curly tail and sometimes they don’t!


Dalmatians can be sweet and playful dogs, but they are high energy and some people can have trouble training them properly while Bulldogs tend to have plenty of playful energy with a kind spirit. The Bullmatian can have traits of either breed, but in general they tend to be kind and playful dogs. With the proper training and if they come from a good breeder, this dog should make a fine family pet.


These dogs tend to live between twelve and fifteen years. They can exhibit some of the problems of either parent, including the Dalmatians tendency for hearing loss, allergies, and urinary stones. They may need to have their anal glands regularly discharged in order to avoid build up and infection if they take after the traits of a Bulldog.

If you want the stability, loyalty, and kindness of a Bulldog coupled with the spunk, dignity, and spots of a Dalmatian, look no further than the Bullmatian hybrid dog!