The Bugg breed is a cross between the Boston Terrier and the Pug. Boston Terrier + Pug = Buggs. They will typically live ten to thirteen years. It’s not clear where the first Bugg breed came from, but they are a recent designer dog. The combination of friendly characteristics of the parent Terrier and Pug means that these dogs are very happy and agreeable, perfect for homes or apartments. They are very smart and easily trained, and will be very sociable animals if given proper attention from the moment they come into your care. These cute Buggs usually take on the physical characteristics of their Pug parent more than the Terrier, but as with all hybrids, appearance can vary.

Physical Description

Typically, Buggs will grow to be 10 to 17 inches. They will usually weigh up to 15 or 25 pounds and are usually small to medium sized. They usually have drooping ears and curly tails, as well as a soft coat with straight fur. They can be all black, white, or brown in color.


Buggs are great for a variety of owners! Their loving temperament makes them ideal candidates as pets for children, families, and the elderly, as well as anyone else who is interested! They have lots of energy and are very playful. They love toys, interaction, and outdoor time. Plenty of play and attention at a young age will result in a loyal dog that is very loving and friendly with its owners and strangers too.


The Bugg dog actually does not have a lot of health problems. At most, owners may have to keep an eye out for their skin getting try, but that can be easily remedied. Since they have so much energy, it’s important that Buggs get enough exercise and regular outings in order to stay happy.