Broodle Griffon


The Broodle Griffon also known as Brussapoo is a deliberate cross between the Brussels Griffon and the Poodle. They are well known for their climbing skills, coupled with a lot of curiosity and imaginations that in most cases lead him to trouble. There is a little history about them. However, the Brussel Griffons being one of the Broodle Griffon pure breeds was originally bred in Belgium to hunt and kill rats. The poodle originated in Germany as a type of water dog and as a sports dogs.

Physical Description

Since they share the physical traits of their parent’s breed, the appearance may be different among them. However, their head often tends to look like Brussels Griffons more than Poodles. Their coats are usually waxy, smooth or curly. Common colors include tans, cream, white, golden, charcoal-like or black and sometimes apricot like colors. Just like both parents, their eyes are protruding, and ears are usually floppy and short.


The Broodle Griffon is a well known to have a cheerful, intelligent, loving and loyal temperament. They also get along with children and other animals but only when they are raised together. They are cautious but shy especially with strangers or in new environments.


No major health issues with this dog, but may inherit certain conditions from their parents such as eye problems, respiratory problems and tracheal collapse. To keep it healthy, it will need regular exercises.

Broodle Griffon