The Boxita, a hybrid of the Akita and the Boxer, possesses some of the best traits of each of its parent breeds. Boxitas are a loving, loyal breed of animal, suited quite well for the family atmosphere.


This medium to large dog has a muscular, strong body, with a short and silky weather resistant coat; brown is one of the most common colorings for this animal.


Boxitas are humble, loving and affectionate dogs that make good pets. They are very gentle with children. They can be playful and are good watchdogs.


This breed doesn’t shed very much, but the Boxita still requires regular brushing and grooming to maintain their appearance.  This dog should be exercised regularly. Boxitas are very intelligent animals, and as a result, should be trained consistently to prevent stubborn behavior.  Frequent activity will prevent them from chewing and other forms of destructive behavior.