Flickr: Scott Divers


The Bowser is a cross breed between a Basset Hound and a Miniature Schnauzer. This dog makes a great pet, particularly if you’re searching for a dog that has very high energy. This is the perfect pet for families or someone who enjoys getting a fair amount of exercise outdoors. These puppies will follow their masters to the ends of the earth; that’s how loyal they are. Never aggressive and easy to teach and train when done early, Bowser puppies are cuter than you could ever imagine. They grow up into loyal, energetic, and totally playful dogs. When you own a Bowser, you’ll see why the guides say that this dog is ‘hyperactive’ and never runs out of energy! Great for someone who has the time on their hands to exercise and feed this dog; not so good for single people cooped up in their apartments thinking they want a dog when really they don’t have the time to take care of it and take it for walks.

Physical Appearance

This dog is of a medium size. They will grow to weigh up to 45 to 70 pounds. They are commonly a solid color such as brown, black, silver, or white. They need to get exercise on a regular basis. With straight fur and flappy ears, these dogs usually have a fur color of black and brown, black, merle, spotted, white, cream, speckled or brindle. Their coats are very dense and tough and they shed frequently so they need to be groomed on a regular basis.


The Bowser is known for being alert, social, loyal, and intelligent dogs. They are affectionate but also very active. Running, guarding, hunting, and tracking are all skill sets that these dogs naturally possess. These dogs are very loyal and love to interact with people of all ages. They are also gentle and get along great with children, making them a great choice for the family pet. They are very trainable as they are highly intelligent and will get along with other animals in the family.


They will live about twelve to fifteen years. They use plenty of exercise and will need two and a half cups of dog food a day. Bowsers have a lot of energy and need to spend some of it running outdoors in order to calm down. They are very active and very energetic! Ideally these dogs have tons of space where they can run around and play. Bowsers come with tons of energy. They could also come with genetic defects thanks to in-breeding and a tendency to have worms as well. Other than that, your Bowser should be a great addition to your home and family.