The Bospin is a lovable small dog that is a pure breed of the Boston Terrier and the minPin. The Bospin is a lovable small dog a great joy to have as a companion in homes. They are very easy to feed and require very little grooming making them ideal for people who don’t like a lot of work with dogs. They are very intelligent and very easy to train making.

Physical Description

The Bospin are small in size and weight about 10 to 15 pounds. The males are a bit larger and will weigh more than most females. They have long noses but not that narrow a most would expect. Their head is mesocephalic in shape with the eyes being brown in color. Their ears mostly appear upright and oversized. They have a very small muzzle with their teeth evenly cutting.

They have a very soft short coat with the coat color being brindle. Their tails will usually appear crocked with very small feet. They do not have a very broad neck.


This is a lovable dog and you can expect it to be friendly to family members and small children. They are good at exercises and will not demand a lot. They run very fast and don’t tire easily and require training to retrieve.

They are not barking dogs and bark once in a while when they see strangers within their territories. They are easy to trim and rarely shed making them a good choice for people with allergies.


The Bospin are very good for their health and rarely do they get sick. They do not have many problems with their dental. Their eyes can be watery at times but generally, they are healthy dogs. They do not have any major skin issues, and you can be sure to have great times with them.