The BoShih is a cross between American Boston Terrier and Boston Terrier and a Chinese Shih Tzu which means that it takes the behavioral traits and characteristics of both breeds. Since it is a deliberate cross between two pure breeds, it’s not easy to find its definitive history. The Boston terrier, being one of its parent breeds originated in the United States, accepted in 1890’s as non-sporting breed while the Chinese Shih Tzu also known as Chrysanthemum because of its funny face is said to have originated in China at unknown times.

Physical Description

BoShih has a relatively compact and well small muscled body, which in most cases is not overly fatty. They have long to medium fur that is often tri-colored or bi-colored. Common colors include black, brown and white. The BoShih has a flat face that resembles the Boston terrier; long, wiry fur, pushed in nose and a shaggy like appearance. It might also possess the upright ears of the Boston Terrier or the floppy one from the Shih Tzu. Their coating may require regular care to keep them shiny just like their parent breeds.


The BoShih is an amusing, bright, affectionate, playful and friendly designer dog. However, much of the dog’s character can be determined by the owner interaction, but generally the BoShih is an active, smart and like all terrier breeds stubborn if not treated well.


Just like most designer dogs they are prone to issues related to eyes and respiratory systems. Also, since they are brachycephalic, they tend to snore a lot or have breathing problems at times and suffer from sleep apnea.