Bordernese is a cross breed between Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie. The country of origin of this breed is Afganistan. The life expectancy of Bordernese is around 10-12 years. This is a very intelligent dog, so it can be trained consistently and gently. It has high levels of energy, and is a breed that requires a fair amount of playing and exercise, such as regular walking.

Physical Appearance

The size of Bordernese is medium to large. It has dark eyes, flopped ears and medium length muzzle. The coat of this dog is long, thick and it requires regular caring. These dogs have black color coat with white ruffs. Occasionally, brown spots can be seen on their face. The height of this dog ranges between 19-26 inches and the weight is 50 to 100 lbs. Most common colors of Bordernese are white, tricolor, brown and black.


Bordernese is a perfect family dog. This breed is loyal, protective, very alert, highly intelligent, loving and gentle. These dogs are equally good with kids and adults in the family. It likes to spend most of its time with family members, and the species learns new tricks quite easily. These dogs do not do well with other pets, however.


Regular exercise is essential for keeping your Bordernese healthy. Commonly, these dogs participate in agility. Bordernese shed heavily twice in the year, during the spring and fall seasons. They, therefore, require daily brushing during this time. Two weekly brushings is enough for the rest of the year.