Boglen Terrier


The Boglen Terrier is not a purebred dog, but a hybrid pup from the Beagle and Boston Terrier that originates from the USA. They typically measure 12-17 inches and weigh around 15-40 pounds when fully grown. The best way to learn more about Boglen Terriers is through understanding the qualities of each of the parent dogs. The pup can inherit its looks and traits from each line, or exhibit a combination of varied qualities derived from either parent. It is notable that they have amazing tracking noses being part hound and the fact that they love to sniff just about everything.

Physical Appearance

This designer dog breed has a small but muscular body, legs that are relatively large for their size, floppy ears, and a square-shaped head with matching square muzzle. Their eyes are large and seem protruding like the Boston Terrier, while their short muzzle and tipped tails are unmistakably from the Beagle line. The Boglen Terrier has short, soft and smooth hair. Common colors include brown & white, black & white, brindle & white, orange, white, and black/rust/brown/white combinations.


Generally, the Boglen Terrier is a brave and confident dog who is not easily intimidated or frightened by anything, and bold enough to take risks. Still, they remain faithful and loyal, constantly exhibiting a kind and pleasant disposition. They make great family pets for they love children and are friendly with other pets. This is why they do not like to be left alone and enjoy the attention of humans with plenty of interaction.


There are no known health issues regarding these hardy designer dogs. However, Boglen Terriers are brimming with energy and are very active, so they naturally require proper exercise with lots of playtime to stay healthy.

Boglen Terrier