The Bodacion dog is a cross breed, between the Bearded Collie and the Dalmatian. These breed of dogs have been well documented in the British Isles for years and are said to have originated from Scotland. The Location is a breed known for its intelligence, working drive and biddability. It is an agile dog and can keep a good watch at your home. The breed is easily available but not well suited for cold climates. This breed is known for its power and requires a wise and strong owner to train them well otherwise they can cause destructions.

Physical appearance

The Bodacion is a medium dog with an average weight of 30-35 pounds. They usually have a long coat with flappy ears. Their fur color comes in different colors depending on the parents that were bred. They most common colors you can find are the white and black, brown and white and white and cream. In addition to these colors, some may have brindle, spotted, Merle and speckled.

They are beautiful as they usually have different colors on their fur and form a good companion as a pet. Their tail is usually long with a lot of fur with a short mouth in the shape of an egg. They are usually sturdy and short in appearance.

Temperament and health

They do have some health issues although most of them are a healthy breed. Epilepsy, collie eye anomaly, and hip dysplasia can occur in this breed although very low incidences have been reported. Some of them can be deaf due to the effects of pigmentation although this occurs in puppies aged between 5-7 weeks.

On their temperament, they are known to a very intelligent breed. They learn very fast and require little training on obeying commands. They have a tendency to herd things making them a bother for people with cats and small children. They can get along with cats but can react if cats run away from them. They are destructive and can dig up walls and chew on things in the house.