When you mix purebred Beagle and purebred Cocker Spaniel then you will get Bocker. The Bocker dogs are also known as Beakers. They are medium in size with an appearance like Cocker Spaniel and face like a Beagle. This dog breed is a result of one of the breeding sessions by dog lovers. It is known that they originated in the United States. From there, they are now exported to other parts of the world.


The Bocker is a loyal, loveable and intelligent dog breed just like its parents. Dogs of this mixed breed are available in different colors like black, brown, golden, cream and white. Commonly, they are tri-colored with or without spots. They have a smooth and silky coat with a velvety feeling.


Bockers are gentle and docile animals. They are loving and protective. At times, they may become aggressive. If you have bought a young pup then you should make it socialize with other pets or family members. It might be difficult for them to get along with other pets when they are fully grown up.


When we talk about the health of Bocker dogs, they are prone to health problems that affect Beagles and Cocker Spaniels. However, their hybrid vigor helps them to stay safe from certain health issues that affect purebred dogs. They might suffer from skin issues where they may have dry coat. They love foods and may even snatch from your hands when you show them the food. They are not very easy to train, so you would have to pamper them in order to train them.