A Biton is a designer dog breed between the Bichon Frise and the Coton de Tulear dog breeds. It is considered a rare breed although they are becoming more common. The Biton has taken all the traits of booth its breeds. It is naturally friendly, gentle and alert making it a popular choice in America today. They are very small in size but make a very good watchdog and will always alert you in the case of intruders. They are very talented and have a lot of tricks. However, they are not the type of breed to perform sporting events.

Physical Appearance

The Biton dog is small in size and weighs about 10-15 pounds depending on how well they are fed. They have different colors depending on the colors of the cross breeds. Some of the most common colors include the white, cream, gray and salt pepper. Their fur is of the curly type with flappy ears. They are very similar to the Bichon in size and temperament with the only difference being the coat.

The coat is usually non-shading making it a good fit for people with allergies. They will need a lot of grooming with the hair being the most difficult thing to maintain but again the most beautiful part of the Biton.

Temperament and Health

They are a fun loving breed that loves and likes to be loved back. They are very active and need minimal exercises to maintain their fitness. The breed is a good fit for kids and is known to be very playful with kids. They are very energetic and playful around kids making them ideal for families with small kids. The Biton is also friendly to other pets and can easily form a friendship with your cat.

The breed is very rare to find but is a great choice to have in your family. They are easy to maintain and remain in a healthy condition if fed properly without many instances of illness.