Beago is a hybrid between Beagle and Golden Retriever. A Beago is an intelligent, fun-loving designer dog. It shows some of the characteristic features of Golden Retriever, for example- waking up their family members, fetching the newspaper etc. It is considered as a good watchdog as it barks and alerts its owners if any intruder is there. This hybrid breed gets attached to its owners and forms a special bond, thus making a wonderful companion dog.

Physical Appearance

Beago has a medium sized build and looks sturdy, thanks to the strong built of both the parents. However, Beago doesn’t look fatty and cuddly and rather has a muscular appearance. Males are generally slightly bigger than females. The head of Beago is round shaped and the muzzle is long and pointed. The eyes hold the expression of sweetness, sensitivity and intelligence. The ears are floppy and are covered by silky hair. The coat of Beago is short and silky soft. This hybrid dog is generally found in shades of browns, tans and white. You will find both multi-colored and single colored Beago dogs.


Beagos are very intelligent and smart dogs. They can be trained properly if done so consistently. Beago are extremely social dogs and they love to be around people. They form strong bond with family members and are very caring for kids. They are playful and curious and need a fair amount of activity to keep them happy. They are very sensitive dogs and they respond to the emotions of the people they live with. Beago are great companions and can cheers the hearts of those who love them.


With good food, exercise and attention, the pet stays healthy and fit.