BD Terrier


BD Terrier is a type of a hybrid dog created by combing two breeds of dogs; the Bull Terrier and the American Bull dog. An American Bulldog + Bull Terrier = BD Terrier. The breed was developed in the 19th century as a fighting dog. The breed of dog was intended to be a 50% mix of the two breeds, but this is not the case nowadays. Most of the BD Terrier bred over generations might have lost the 50% mix of traits. The terrier breed was first developed in England as a fearless dog used to control foxes, rabbits and rats. Some were used as hunting and herding dogs. Some were even used in blood-fighting sports. However, most BD terrier breeds are nowadays kept as family pets and companion dogs.


The BD Terries range from the small, smooth, light bodied dogs. A good example is the English Toy Terrier weighing about 2.7 kilos. We also have the very large roughly coated Terries weighing up to 32 kilos. BD Terries can be distinguished by their long heads that are in the shape of an egg.

Temperament and health

It is not easy to know the temperament of breeds, but one needs to look at the breeds in the cross to get the best combination. Bull Terriers can be aggressive to other dogs and animals like cats. Early socialization with these animals will help make the dog-friendly.
The BD Terriers can be rambunctious and not recommended for homes with very small children. However, the breed can be a good match for older kids as they can form a perfect combination of playing mates. The dog enjoys exercising but can be highly destructive when bored. With proper training, the BD Terrier is an affectionate and loyal companion to spend time with.

BD Terrier