The Bassug dog breed is a cross between the Pug and the Basset Hound. It is a sturdy little dog that is best known for its serious looks and family-oriented attitude. Ideally, Basset + Pug = Bassugg, and this breed boasts a large and rounded head that is marked with facial wrinkles around its round, dark eyes and black, short muzzle.


The Bassug dog has long and floppy ears that hang down its cheeks. Its ears look very identical to those of the hound parent. It has a long tail along with a small but stout body that rests on short, hardy legs. Adult bassugs weigh up to 20-50 lbs, and measure about 10-15 inches in height.

The availability of this dog breed is simple. Due to the dog’s size and lovable nature, it makes a perfect family dog that suits both big houses and apartments.

Behavior and Temperament

Since both of its parent breeds are lovable and friendly in nature, the bassugs are gentle, affectionate, and lovable. Their eyes show these qualities to the owner and the family. Bassugs thrive on human interaction and require ample time to spend with people.

Apparently, they are a very social breed with incredible traits, such as intelligent, smart, and patience. They spend quality time with kids, in addition to being tolerant to both the strangers and fellow pets.

Care and Attention

Bassugs require an average amount of exercise in a day due to their size. However, for dogs that seem to be lazy, their owners are advised to motivate them in different types of activities. For instance, you may choose to take them out for a brief walk session in the field or indulge them in different games.

Since bassugs are fond of their owners, it is easy to engage them in different kinds of activities. If you have an enclosed yard, make sure you avoid keeping your dog on the leash. Bassugs need a lot of time to socialize to keep them happy and fit. Bassugs live up to 10-12 years with proper care and attention.


A growing puppy requires enough protein to keep it fit and healthy. Be advised to supply all the essential nutrition that other dog breeds of its size and energy level need. Bassugs require the best quality food from the dog store to keep them fit, happy, and healthy.