Basston dog breed is a Hybrid dog cross between the Boston Terrier and Basset Hound. When the two dog breeds are crossed, the resulting dog breed is medium in size with short and hard fur. The origin of Basston is non-documented, considering the fact that it is a hybrid dog mix resulting when Boston Terrier and Basset Hound are crossed. The basic formula that brings about this hybrid dog is Basset + Boston Terrier = Basston.

Physical Appearance

Basston resembles Boston Terrier and comprises shorter but flappy ears. Its color is basically white with brown, white, or chestnut markings. Its muzzle tends to be shorter than that of the Basset Hound, although it is somewhat longer than Boston Terrier. While Basston is a healthier dog breed just like other hybrid dog breeds, it is vulnerable to congenital diseases. A lot of care and attention may be a necessity to make sure that it is healthy. An adult male Basston dog breed is about 8 to 25lb., whereas its female counterpart is around 8 to 22 lb in terms of weight. Basstons can measure up to 9 to 15 inches in height.


The resulting dog breed is good with kids and very easy to train. Basston is typically affectionate, gentle, sweet-tempered, tenacious, and very friendly. Basston often inherits temperament from Basset Hound. Basstons commonly please their owners and are very protective, which is why it is easy to train them. The Basston hybrid dog breed can be good with kids alongside other pets of any size. Smaller pets require socialization training, though. It is a companion dog that can equally be used as watchdog. It makes for a good pet with appropriate training. The overall life expectancy is between 12 to 15 years. Basstons are protective of their owners and can be aggressive and territorial toward the strangers and other pets. Care and attention is simple as it needs moderate amount of grooming. Occasional brushing is just enough. Both females and males of the resulting breed are quiet, barking only when necessary. Nevertheless, early training is essential.