The Basschshund is a result of a cross between two breeds; the Basset Hound and the Dachshund purebreds. These are medium sized dogs and will display all their characteristics on the Basschshund. The dogs were first bred in German in the 1600s and known as the “Badger dogs.” They were used to hunt the fierce badgers. The Basschshund would dig the ground to get to the Badgers something you can still see today in them as they dig the ground. More breeds of the Basschshund have been added since then and form a perfect family pet. Two breeds were developed depending on the game that was being hunted. There are those big Basschshund weighing 30-35 and those weighing 16-22 pounds. The smaller ones were used to hunt foxes while the bigger ones were used to hunt wild bear.

Physical appearance

They are medium sized dogs but very sturdy and not very fat. Most Bsschshunds have weight related problems when proper care to their diet is not adhered to, and every pet owner must consider this before buying one. The head is round in appearance with occasional loose skin and long muzzle rounded at the end. Its lips and nose are black with most having lips with flews which are a common hound trait. The sad, tired look in their eyes is another trait that might be appealing to pet lovers.
Their ears are usually hanged in a flop position beside the head and covered by a lot of far. Their skin is soft and silky with a very short coat.

Temperament and health

They show love to both adults and children and socializes with them well. These breed of dogs are very energetic and active so expect to have a lot of fun times with it. They can do well in flats but require some walking around in the evening. They form a strong bond with family members and do not like being left alone for long periods. They are very easy to groom, and one should not experience any healthy issues if proper care is offered to them.