Australian Retriever

The Australian Retriever is a gorgeous dog that is created as a result of interbreeding Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherd Dogs. It is a relatively large cross breed dog but is very affectionate, energetic, and loving, not to mention adorable! The Australian Retriever was introduced to the United States in the nineteenth century as a result of interbreeding between herding dogs. These dogs were then bred with Australian, European, and Latin American dogs in an attempt to create a herding dog that was able to deal with the hot climate in the West as everyone was rushing to strike gold.

Physical Appearance

Australian Retrievers can be many colors! There are nearly as many color combinations as there are Australian Retrievers, with every possible mix and match possible. Each dog looks unique in their own way! These dogs can be brindle, black, brown, golden, brown, merle, white, speckled, and spotted. They are a medium large dog and look exactly as you would expect a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever to look like!


The Australian Retriever has many positive qualities that make it a joy to own. These dogs are not only affectionate, they are energetic, they are playful, they are smart, and they are loving. These are such friendly dogs, they are truly a great addition to any home. They will get along famously with children and are very protective and affectionate, capable of deep bonds with your family. Your children will never be in harm’s way: this is not an aggressive dog by any stretch of the imagination. They are the perfect dogs for children, families, and even farms! They are a great, very obedient dog that is easy to train and makes a good watch dog against intruders. They will not usually bark unless someone is trying to get into the home at night!


This dog is a healthy breed! They need exercise just like any other dog, but that isn’t a problem for most people who buy these Retrievers as they know what they’re in for. These dogs have an average life span of fifteen years and will grow to be roughly sixty pounds. This breed of dog needs to be dewormed and get heartworm prevention as they are susceptible to playing host to these parasites. They also need to be fed two and a half cups of dog food a day and get plenty of exercise to stay healthy.

Australian Retriever