American Eagle Dog


The American Eagle Dog is a cross breed between the American Eskimo and the Beagle; it may also be referred to as the Eskimo-Beagle mix. Despite the American centered name, this breed originates from Germany, during the time of World War I; the name of the breed was created by Americans at the time of the end of the war. The breed is classified as a hound, and is part of the non-working group. It is classified as a hound and is part of the non-working group. American Eagle Dogs are rather limber, and are used as watchdogs and trackers.

Physical Appearance

American Eagle Dogs are medium sized dogs that can weigh up to 25 pounds and grow to be 16 inches tall. The breed normally has a white coat with brown or tan markings; American Eagle Dogs can also be brown or tan with black markings. Its hair is thick and straight, like the American Eskimo, so moderate maintenance is required. Its gums, foot pads, eyelids, and nose are typically black. Regular brushing will help keep the coat clean and healthy. American Eagle Dogs are not hypoallergenic. It is susceptible to gaining weigh easily; therefore, daily exercise is suggested. American Eagle Dogs enjoy jogging, swimming, fetch, and will be most glad to live with an individual who also enjoys these activities.


If training is begun at an early age, American Eagle Dogs respond easily and rather well. They are a very alert breed, a characteristic that makes for an excellent guard dog. As a significantly active type, a daily walk is reccomended, at a length of two hours in duration. This breed would be best off with an individual or a family who live active lifestyles. American Eagle Dogs are affectionate and friendly; they are also an agile breed. American Eagle Dogs are good with children and other pets; this breed is gentle in spirit, and family oriented, so it must be made to feel like it is part of the family for optimum well being.


Although very little health problems arise with this breed, hip dysplasia and eye problems can occur; as with all breeds, proper medical and preventionary care should be administered.

American Eagle Dog