Interbreeding the Alaskan malamute with the Siberian husky will give you lovely Alusky puppies. The adult Alusky has a brown, cream, gray, white or silver coat which makes them quite attractive. They have an imposing body structure but that doesn’t keep them from being loving and warm towards others. Their attractive coat and good nature makes them choice pets for many people with children or small pets. The Alusky gets his beautiful eyes from the Siberian husky but his energy and intelligence come from the Alaskan malamute.


Aluskies are quiet but they are very outgoing and loving to people especially to children. They are very laid back and extremely good with other dogs and cats. They can be stubborn, and may become destructive when left alone. They like to chew when bored. They are loyal and they love to run and interact with their owners. It’s a good idea to start socializing them with humans and other dogs from birth to make sure they have a pleasant disposition. They are loyal and their character is a mix between the Husky and Malamute. Further research into those breeds will help explain possible mixes of temperament.

Environment and Exercise

This dog needs to be around people lest they get bored as they have little tolerance for solitude. Considering their parents, Aluskies have a high tolerance to cold but find heat very uncomfortable for their dense coat. You need to provide this dog enough time for activities as they can easily become overweight. Regular visits to the park are a great idea for a dog who loves to run around. You need to pay very close attention to this dog because just like his parents, the Alusky loves to wander and could easily get lost.


You need to be firm with this breed as they can be quite stubborn and aggressive which makes training them quite a hassle. This wolfish looking dog grows to 28 inches in height and can weigh 60-100lbs. When you go out with this working dog, remember that they are eager to please and can therefore overwork themselves in an attempt to please you. Exhaustion is dangerous for medium to large dogs and it is the owner’s duty to limit activity.

Interesting facts about the Alusky

  • They are not hypoallergenic.
  • This dog rarely barks, making him a poor watchdog and better companion.
  • The Alusky has quite the long memory which means that he will certainly remember it if you treat him wrong.
  • He is a very intelligent, friendly and loyal dog.
  • The Alusky can live for 10-15 years if well cared for.
  • A new Alusky puppy can cost $1043