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Prince Harry: I Proposed to Meghan While Roasting a Chicken

Prince Harry confirmed he is officially the most adorable bearded man on the planet this afternoon, giving a winning interview for the BBC (now available on the internet) in which he smiled, grinned, and joked with his beloved wife-to-be, Meghan Markle, the two clutching hands like love-struck school kids.

In the interview, with BBC News Mishal Husain, Harry revealed that he proposed in early November to Meghan at his home, Nottingham Cottage, while trying to roast a chicken.

In shunning the usual clich-ridden locationsa beach in Madagascar, a mountaintop in Africawhere less confident men may feel the need to go down on one knee, Harry revealed himself as the ultimate, in-the-moment modern British male.

Meghan, who sat with her hand clasped in his, both resting on her knee, said it was a surprise proposal. He got on one knee… I could barely let you finish proposing. I said, Can I say yes now?

Harry picked up the story from there, but brilliantly fluffed it (although we all knew exactly what he meant): I had the ring in my finger and I was like can I give you the ring? She goes, Oh yes the ring.

If Harry seemed sweetly bumbling, he looked visibly devoted to his fiance. Meghan was eloquent, poised, andyou sensewill be a passionate and voluble champion of the causes that the couple come to represent. It feels very much a partnership of equals.

I was falling in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly all the stars were aligned this beautiful woman fell into my life. We are a fantastic team, we know we are! he added.

Indeed, they seemed to be in this interview.

The couple talked about how they had met on a blind date arranged by a friend about a year and a half ago. (Meghan quietly made sure that they didnt reveal the name of the woman who had introduced them, and thereby compromise her privacy.)

It was clear from the outset that they had fallen for one another, but both had packed schedules. Harry was about to spend a month in Africa, while Meghan was filming the TV drama Suits in Toronto. It was a question, said Harry, of finding time in the gaps, with Meghan whizzing between time zones across the Atlantic.

The first five months of the relationship were conducted in private, and then the couple saw each other at least once every two weeks. They had camped together under the stars in Botswana early in the relationship.

Harry had never heard of Meghan until the friends introduction, and was beautifully surprised when they met. Im going to really have to up my game here, he recalled feeling. She said she had come to know him personally too, rather than grow up surrounded by news stories about him. Both had gotten to know each other afresh, Harry said.

Im proud of who I am and where I come from.
Meghan Markle

Early on, they knew they had to invest the time and energy to make the relationship work, said Meghan.

I did not have any understanding of what it would be like, Meghan said of getting involved with a member of the royal family.

The couple was unprepared for the level of scrutiny they had faced, said Harry.

Meghan said there was a misconception that as a TV actress she would be acquainted with media interest, but she hadnt been part of tabloid culture, and had not bargained for what had been written about her, including a lot of mistruths. She had chosen not to read any of it, the good and the bad.

Husain bought up the media focus on her mixed-race ethnicity. Of course its disheartening, said Meghan. Its a shame that that is the climate, to focus on that, or that it would be discriminatory in that sense. Im proud of who I am and where I come from. We just focus on where we are as a couple.

Meghan said she wanted to get to know more about the communities of Britain, smaller charitable organizations, and tour the Commonwealth.

Theres a lot to do, said Harry.

When Husain referred to Harry as Meghans future husband, Meghan was all poise while Harry chuckled at the term and said, Ooh, that sounds nice, dunnit?

Its a new chapter, Meghan said in a measured tone, as the interviewer catalogued the enormity of her new role. Harry talked about his own sense of responsibility, for what Meghan will be taking on professionally as his wife.

He said he had thought, I know Im in love with this girl and I hope she is in love with me. But he also knew there would be need to be frank conversations what she was letting herself in for. Its not easy for anybody, but I know that at the end of the day she chooses me and I choose her. Whatever we have to tackle will be us as a team. Shes capable of anything. Together theres a hell of stuff and work that needs doing.

For now, he added, they were putting their relationship first, but that a shared passion for change, for good would motivate their public works.

They would start a family in the near future.

The pair talked about meeting each others families. Of meeting the queen, Meghan noted the love that Harry had for his grandmother. Shes an incredible woman, she added.

The queens corgis had fallen for Meghan immediately too, said Harry, laughing. The dogs had barked at him for the duration of his life so far.

The couple have also hung out with William and Kate; Kate had been amazing, said Meghan. Her parents and close friends had been concerned as the couple were swept up in a media storm, but they could also see how happy she was. Her mum is amazing, said Harry, beaming.

When asked about the engagement ringwhich is yellow gold, Markles favorite, the main stone sourced from Botswana, and decorated with diamonds from Princess Dianas jewelry collectionMarkle gave a perfect response, saying: The inclusion of that and, obviously not being able to meet his mom, its so important to me toto know that shes a part of this with us.

I think in being able to meet his aunts… and different people who were so important to his mom, Im able to, in some way, know a part of her through them and of course through him.

When asked what Diana would have thought about Meghan, Harry replied, Oh theyd be thick as thieves, without question. I think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down, so excited for me, but then, as I said, she would have probably been best friends with Meghan.

You know, it is days like today when I really miss having her around and miss being able to share the happy news. But, you know, with the ring and with everything else thats going on, Im sure shes with us, jumping up and down somewhere else, Harry said.

Meghan echoed Harry. Shes with us, she said firmly.

As Husain thanked them both, the couple shared a look of joy and perhaps relief that the interview was over. They had aced it, although we never found out if the roast chicken had turned out OK.

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Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle in May

Palace aides predict a happy church wedding at St Georges Chapel for prince, 33, and American TV star, 36

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to marry at St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle next May and will go on their first public walkabout on Friday in Nottingham, the palace has announced.

The couple are planning to involve members of the public in the proceedings in some form yet to be determined.

It will be a moment of fun and joy that will reflect the character of the bride and groom, said their spokesman.

Markle, 36, who is American, will also become a British citizen and will be baptised and confirmed into the Church of England before the wedding, Kensington Palace announced.

And it said the royal family would pay for the wedding, including the church service, the music, the flowers and the reception.

Wider security costs, policing and public order arrangements will be covered by the public purse, however. The palace declined to comment on whether the brides parents would contribute.

The service is expected to draw a star-studded congregation. Markles friends include the tennis star Serena Williams and the Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh.

The chapel usually holds about 800 guests compared with the 2,000 capacity of Westminster Abbey, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married in 2011.


Who is Meghan Markle?

Who is Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle is an American actor, best known for her role in the hit series Suits. She has described herself as an actress, a writer, the editor-in-chief of my lifestyle brand the Tig, a pretty good cook, and a firm believer in handwritten notes. She has also campaigned for humanitarian causes.

The 36-year-old grew up in Los Angeles. She studied at a girls Roman Catholic college there before attending Northwestern University. Recently she has lived in Toronto. She is the daughter of a clinical therapist and a TV lighting designer. Markle has written about her mixed heritage, describing herself as a strong, confident mixed-race woman. She was married once before, to film producer Trevor Engelson, but the pair were divorced in 2013.

Since news of her relationship with Prince Harry broke in 2016, she has closed her blog and given an interview in which she described the couple as really happy and in love. She said: Nothing about me changed. Ive never defined myself by my relationship. She will become a duchess or princess when the couple wed.

Photograph: Picture Perfect/REX/Shutterstock/Rex Features

The engaged couples spokesman said: Harry and Meghan Markle are extremely grateful for the warm public response following yesterdays announcement of their engagement. In a happy moment in their lives, it means a great deal to them that so many people throughout the UK, the Commonwealth, and around the world are celebrating with them.

The couple of course want the day to be a special, celebratory moment for their friends and family. They also want the day to be shaped so as to allow members of the public to feel part of the celebrations too and are currently working through ideas for how this might be achieved.

The UK prime minister, Theresa May, while on a flight to Jordan to start of her three-day visit to the Middle East, was asked by reporters whether the nation deserved a bank holiday for the royal wedding.

May did not directly respond, but equally did not talk up the idea. However, she did seem enamoured of the happy couple. You talk about cheering people up, she said. Seeing two young people in love, and thats obvious I didnt see all of the BBC interview, I saw some snatches of it, but I think that was obvious.

Whats also obvious was that theyd given a lot of thought to what it means to be a royal couple in todays age. I wish them great happiness for the future, and I think the country is delighted to see this engagement. And collectively, we wish them all the very best.

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Who is Meghan Markle? video profile

The last royal wedding at the chapel was for Harrys cousin, Peter Phillips the son of the Princess Royal who married the Canadian Autumn Kelly in 2008. Harrys father, the Prince of Wales, and stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall, had their televised religious blessing there in 2005, after their civil ceremony down the road in the town hall.

Harry was christened in the chapel in December 1984 when he was three months old, which, according to Church of England rules, means he can also marry there.

After the wedding Markle will also become the fourth patron of the Royal Foundation, the main charitable arm of the Kensington Palace royals the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. It has so far launched initiatives such as the Invictus Games and the Heads Together mental health campaign.

Markles belongings are currently being shipped from Canada to Kensington Palace and she plans to travel back to North America to see friends and family in the months before the wedding.

The palace confirmed that she was leaving behind one of her dogs, Bogart, who is staying with friends in North America. Guy the Beagle is now at Kensington Palace, they announced.

Asked about how she had decided between them, their spokesman said: I cant speculate. Miss Markle is very fond of her dogs and any decision about moving a dog over the ocean will have lots of complexity to it.

Markle divorced her first husband, Trevor Engelson, a film producer, in 2013. Her parents are Thomas Markle, an award-winning TV lighting designer, and Doria Ragland, a yoga instructor who lives in Los Angeles.

Markle was educated at a Catholic school, but her father is reported to be a member of the Episcopal Church of the United States, which is part of the Anglican communion. Her mother is reported to be of the Protestant faith.

In a TV interview on Monday Markle described the engagement as a transition out of my career, but into the role. She said she wanted to focus more energy on the causes that she had already championed. Markle has been an ambassador for UN Women and a global ambassador for World Vision, including driving a clean water campaign in Rwanda. She will withdraw from those roles.

She wants to start a clean slate getting to know this country and travelling round the Commonwealth, their spokesman said.

Once you have access or a voice that people are going to listen to, with that comes a lot of responsibility, which I take seriously, she said. I think in these beginning few months and now being boots on the ground in the UK, Im excited to just really get to know more about the different communities here, smaller organisations who are working on the same causes that Ive always been passionate about.

On their visit to Nottingham they will visit the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery for the Terrence Higgins Trust World Aids Day charity fair, where they will meet people including those living with HIV. Markles first taste of the day job of a royal will also include a visit to the Nottingham academy to meet schoolchildren and youngsters who attend a Friday night youth club.

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